The Wanted mistaken for 1D!

There are few things funnier that journalists mistaking one band for another. Especially when those bands are rivals. And one US reporter on the red carpet at last week’s VMAs thought she was talking to One Direction when it was actually The Wanted she had in front her. Oops.

Introducing the boys with the words, “Everyone is excited to see you guys. One Direction! One Direction!” set the hapless hack up for a fall, but Max George seized the opportunity to claim that he too was looking forward to seeing Harry Styles and the lads, joking: “They’re our number one.”

When asked what they thought made the VMAs different from other award ceremonies, Nathan deadpanned: “The fact that The Wanted are there. Their song Glad You Came is just amazing.”

“I’ve actually met them and they are really, really cool,” added Max, as Nathan claimed that The Wanted’s new single was “better than ours”.

And she never once realised her mistake, even after they’d gone. Someone’s probably told her now though. Cringe.


Example to write for One Direction…

We never know whether Example is being serious or not, so we’ll remain sceptical about this claim that he intends to write for boy band sensations One Direction; at least until we know if his tongue was in his cheek or not.

The rapper-turned-singer, who releases his new single Say Nothing next month, was explaining the way he works in the studio, and told reporters:

“I always go in with a song title and a concept, then after the song’s done I’ll go, ‘Yeah, that sounds like The Wanted’, or ‘Why don’t we pitch that to Kylie?’ or ‘Why don’t we pitch that to Enrique Iglesias?’

“I’d like to get a song on Enrique’s album. I’d like to write a song for One Direction. I’m not really adverse to who sings my songs.”


The Wanted are not attractive…

Spare a thought for the boys in The Wanted. It can’t be easy being so ugly and being unable to dance. Don’t shout at us, we’re just repeating what Max from the band thinks.

25-year-old Max has been playing down reports that suggested The Wanted were smarting from rivals One Direction doing rather better in the US, telling Australian reporters:

“We’re not the most attractive bunch that has ever been in the pop world. We don’t dance. But we can all play instruments, which is what is good about us. We don’t want to be the stereotypical boy band. We don’t want to be cheesy. I’d say we are sort of a mix between a boy band and a band – a hybrid.”

Hmm. Isn’t that the same as saying he thinks One Direction are a cheesy, stereotypical boy band?

Oh no, looks like the war’s back on again. Run for cover!

Little Mix like Beyonce comparison…

Who do Little Mix remind you of? A mini-version of All Saints? One Direction in dresses? Or is it Beyonce and Christina Aguilera? Because apparently people have been comparing the X Factor winners’ new single Wings to those two soul divas.

And the girls are quite happy with the comparison, according to music website Pop Prince (no, we’ve not heard of it either). Perrie told them:

It’s just amazing to be compared to those amazing divas, so yeah it’s really nice.”

Amazing indeed. Meanwhile Jesy expressed some nerves about the public reaction, telling the interviewer:

We hope that we surprise people with our music, as when you’re on X Factor you have to perform so many covers and when you come out of the show you have to find yourself as an artist.”

That’ll be where Matt Cardle went wrong, then. He didn’t find himself.

One Direction star in swear storm!

He might look as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but cherub-faced One Direction star Niall Horan has been forced to apologise after using the type of language that would make Plan B blush.

Niall’s potty-mouthed outburst was caught on video by a fan and then uploaded to YouTube for the world to see and be suitably shocked by.

The film shows the 18-year-old Irish heartthrob jokingly refer to a group of fans, waiting to meet him at an airport, as “a shower of (bleeps)”. The actual word is far too rude for us to repeat.

Now a shamefaced Niall has taken to Twitter to apologise, saying: “Really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates. But I understand that it’s not a word I should be using at all.”

Think nothing of it Niall, mate. You (bleeping) great (bleep) of a (bleeper).