The Wanted are not attractive…

Spare a thought for the boys in The Wanted. It can’t be easy being so ugly and being unable to dance. Don’t shout at us, we’re just repeating what Max from the band thinks.

25-year-old Max has been playing down reports that suggested The Wanted were smarting from rivals One Direction doing rather better in the US, telling Australian reporters:

“We’re not the most attractive bunch that has ever been in the pop world. We don’t dance. But we can all play instruments, which is what is good about us. We don’t want to be the stereotypical boy band. We don’t want to be cheesy. I’d say we are sort of a mix between a boy band and a band – a hybrid.”

Hmm. Isn’t that the same as saying he thinks One Direction are a cheesy, stereotypical boy band?

Oh no, looks like the war’s back on again. Run for cover!


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