Rita Ora wants to be female Kanye!

Rita Ora has already achieved so much in such a short amount of time, but she has revealed that it’s her aim to be as cool as Kanye:

“He’s one of my fashion icons. I’d love to be the female Kanye. I think he’s so cool and effortless.”

Rita, who burst onto the scene earlier this year with R.I.P, also discussed how frustrating the creative process can be:

“I was frustrated. I’d be in the studio and get p****d off and walk out, like, ‘Why can’t I write anything?’ But you have to swallow your frustration and keep going. I didn’t force it, that’s why it took so long. If I didn’t have anything to write about, I wouldn’t write.”

Her debut album, which took two and a half years to record, is due for release next month.

Rita also said she had fun as a X Factor guest judge. We’re so jealous!


Lana del Rey thanks loyal fans…

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year for pop sensation Lana del Rey. First everyone loved her, then it seemed that everyone hated her and now it’s all calmed down and people like her again. Exhausting!

Lana credits her loyal fans for helping her through the “darkness” of that extraordinary backlash:
“There was a time when it was an overwhelming dark feeling around the whole project.”

“People…told me not to worry because the music was good and that’s all that matters.”

Lana is also surprised at the age range at her gigs since her success:

“When I first started playing clubs at 19, I had a much older crowd so it is funny now seeing younger people at my shows.”

She now jokes that her crowds are “verging on Bieber” with their loud screams!

Sheeran and Swift are best buds…

Earlier this year, Ed Sheeran took time out from his busy schedule to do some bespoke song-writing for US starlet, Taylor Swift, and has recently revealed that he loved working with her because they’re so alike.

Ed usually doesn’t take such requests for his lyrical wizardry’ but he was so taken with Taylor that he worked on totally new material for her:

“Well, I don’t really write so much with other artists.

“[This] was the second time I’ve ever gotten with another singer/songwriter and written a song with them. So it wasn’t actually too hard of an adjustment. We’re very much alike musically and it worked out well’ I think.”

As if to put paid to romance rumours before they begin, he added:

“She’s just a good friend. It’s a pleasure hanging out with her.”

Muse to be made mayors?!

Is it just us or has everything in the Muse camp gone really strange of late? Following their stint as Olympic torch bearers, the band has been offered a job in local government. Is this what rock ‘n’ roll is all about now?

The leader of Teignbridge District Council, Jeremy Christophers, announced the unlikely job offer in a video message following the torch ceremony, saying: “We had Muse here today. They’re the biggest rock band on the planet. I’ve invited Matt Bellamy and the
band to come in and run the council for the day.”

There’s been no word as to whether the boys will accept this challenge, however Matt Bellamy has promised to return to the Devonshire town at some point, saying: “We’d like to play down here as much as we can. I bet you, 10 years to the day, we’ll be back here.”

Ten years? Those allotment proposals aren’t going to approve themselves

50 Cent says Tulisa is no wannabe!

People have been quite hard on Tulisa of late, so it’s nice to see someone sticking up for her for a change. We just didn’t expect it to be rap superstar 50 Cent.

Fiddy has been following the former N-Dubz singer’s trials and tribulations very closely, it seems, and told reporters:

“I’m going to be over in the UK later on again in the year and I would love to meet Tulisa for dinner. She had it tough and she has also been through some (bleep) recently as well. I love how she has handled that by flipping the bird to that guy who sold her out.

“I’ve been watching and reading about Tulisa since she got the role on the UK X Factor and my girl is no wannabe. She is real, she is talented, and the sort of person I want to be creating music.”

All together now: Curtis fancies Tulisa, Curtis fancies Tulisa… etc.