Little Mix like Beyonce comparison…

Who do Little Mix remind you of? A mini-version of All Saints? One Direction in dresses? Or is it Beyonce and Christina Aguilera? Because apparently people have been comparing the X Factor winners’ new single Wings to those two soul divas.

And the girls are quite happy with the comparison, according to music website Pop Prince (no, we’ve not heard of it either). Perrie told them:

It’s just amazing to be compared to those amazing divas, so yeah it’s really nice.”

Amazing indeed. Meanwhile Jesy expressed some nerves about the public reaction, telling the interviewer:

We hope that we surprise people with our music, as when you’re on X Factor you have to perform so many covers and when you come out of the show you have to find yourself as an artist.”

That’ll be where Matt Cardle went wrong, then. He didn’t find himself.


Beyonce pens poem for hip hop star!

You might not have known his name before, but by now you’ll all be familiar with Frank Ocean – the singer and rapper with hip hop collective Odd Future who recently ‘came out’.

Frank, who has written songs for Justin Bieber, opened up about his sexuality in a long blog post last week – sending positive shockwaves through the music world.

And Frank’s admission was so ground-breaking and courageous that none other than Beyonce herself was moved to write a poem about it. And here is that poem (warning, it’s not one of the ones that rhymes):

“Be fearless, be honest, be generous, be brave, be poetic, be open, be free, be yourself, be in love, be happy, be inspiration”.

Admittedly it’s not the best poem we’ve ever read. It’s more of a list. But it’s a good first effort from, erm, Be. We’d have gone for a limerick ourselves. Or a haiku.