The Wanted mistaken for 1D!

There are few things funnier that journalists mistaking one band for another. Especially when those bands are rivals. And one US reporter on the red carpet at last week’s VMAs thought she was talking to One Direction when it was actually The Wanted she had in front her. Oops.

Introducing the boys with the words, “Everyone is excited to see you guys. One Direction! One Direction!” set the hapless hack up for a fall, but Max George seized the opportunity to claim that he too was looking forward to seeing Harry Styles and the lads, joking: “They’re our number one.”

When asked what they thought made the VMAs different from other award ceremonies, Nathan deadpanned: “The fact that The Wanted are there. Their song Glad You Came is just amazing.”

“I’ve actually met them and they are really, really cool,” added Max, as Nathan claimed that The Wanted’s new single was “better than ours”.

And she never once realised her mistake, even after they’d gone. Someone’s probably told her now though. Cringe.


Britney and Cowell are Twirting!

We hope you haven’t just eaten. Britney Spears and Simon Cowell have been exchanging flirty tweets.

The stomach turning “twirting” all started when Simon took to Twitter to write: “I spent the day with Britney. She really is quite charming,” after filming with the new American X Factor judge.

Britney then cheekily replied: “Oh now you want to be nice! Hehe. U are quite charming yourself… today was fun !”

Ugh. However, Cowell’s Twitter charm didn’t have the same effect on Cheryl Cole, who has returned to the UK version of the show despite being axed by him from the US one (are you still with us?)

Simon tweeted: “Welcome back Cheryl”, but the former Ms Cole responded waspishly with: “I saw Simon’s tweet. I’m not doing this for him. I am doing this for Gary as he’s my friend and he asked me to do it.”

She’s just not that into you, Si.

Justin Bieber doesn’t feel famous!

Justin Bieber is without a doubt the world’s most famous teenager. We can say that for sure.

But he doesn’t seem to think so. In fact, Justin doesn’t even feel famous at all. So how does he explain all those screaming fans who follow his every move and burst into tears when he so much as looks their way?

Well, he told Vibe magazine:

‘What does that really mean, ‘to be famous’? In general, fame can tear you apart, so you can never really feel like you’re famous.’

Philosophical stuff from the Biebs. Either that, or just downright confusing.

Justin even shrugged off the fact he was listed by Forbes as the third most powerful celeb in the US. He said:

‘Oh, that’s cool. I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome!’ I could really care less.’

They do say modesty is a virtue, after all.