Little Mix like Beyonce comparison…

Who do Little Mix remind you of? A mini-version of All Saints? One Direction in dresses? Or is it Beyonce and Christina Aguilera? Because apparently people have been comparing the X Factor winners’ new single Wings to those two soul divas.

And the girls are quite happy with the comparison, according to music website Pop Prince (no, we’ve not heard of it either). Perrie told them:

It’s just amazing to be compared to those amazing divas, so yeah it’s really nice.”

Amazing indeed. Meanwhile Jesy expressed some nerves about the public reaction, telling the interviewer:

We hope that we surprise people with our music, as when you’re on X Factor you have to perform so many covers and when you come out of the show you have to find yourself as an artist.”

That’ll be where Matt Cardle went wrong, then. He didn’t find himself.


Little Mix want to mean something…

How can it be possible that the first proper single from X Factor winners Little Mix is still a month away from being released? But the girls have been explaining that the reason they’ve taken so long to release new material is because they don’t want it to be naff!

Describing their new single Wings, Jesy said: “It’s a feel-good song. We want people to feel something when they listen to it. But we didn’t want to be too cheesy with the ‘Believe in yourself’ thing. There’s nothing wrong with writing songs about clubs and parties but I think it’s cool to do a song that means something.”

Unbelievably they still haven’t finished their debut album, although they have insisted there won’t be any famous guests popping up on the tracks just yet:

“We just wanted to focus on our own sound and hopefully after that… We’d love to do a collaboration.”

That’s great. Now get on with it!