The Wanted mistaken for 1D!

There are few things funnier that journalists mistaking one band for another. Especially when those bands are rivals. And one US reporter on the red carpet at last week’s VMAs thought she was talking to One Direction when it was actually The Wanted she had in front her. Oops.

Introducing the boys with the words, “Everyone is excited to see you guys. One Direction! One Direction!” set the hapless hack up for a fall, but Max George seized the opportunity to claim that he too was looking forward to seeing Harry Styles and the lads, joking: “They’re our number one.”

When asked what they thought made the VMAs different from other award ceremonies, Nathan deadpanned: “The fact that The Wanted are there. Their song Glad You Came is just amazing.”

“I’ve actually met them and they are really, really cool,” added Max, as Nathan claimed that The Wanted’s new single was “better than ours”.

And she never once realised her mistake, even after they’d gone. Someone’s probably told her now though. Cringe.


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Chris Brown agrees to box Drake!

We can’t believe we’re writing this but Chris Brown has agreed to a boxing match with rival RnB star Drake.

Following the pair’s spat in a nightclub last month, which saw Brown sustain a gash to the chin, boxing promoter Damon Feldman offered to stage a bout between the two men, with a guaranteed prize fund of ten million dollars.

No one took him seriously. Except, that is, Chris Brown who, when cornered by a paparazzi who asked if he’d take up the challenge, answered without hesitation: “Yeah, I would. I would.”

There’s been no word from Drake yet. However, rap star 50 Cent has already set himself up as a boxing pundit, telling a US radio station:

“I’d take Chris. I guess it’s ’cause of all the physical things with dancin’ and movin’. He be slippin’ and movin’. I don’t see Drake doing that. Chris be havin’ his shirt off. He got one of them MMA fighter looks. Like he might have did karate when he was a kid. He kickin’, doin’ splits and stuff. This could really get interesting.”

It didn’t even get this ridiculous during Blur vs Oasis.

Adam Levine blames and hates self…

It’s refreshing to hear a pop star accepting responsibility for disappointing record sales. But we think Maroon 5’s Adam Levine might be a little too hard on himself.

The band are enjoying worldwide success with their new single Payphone. But despite previous single Moves Like Jagger becoming one of the biggest selling tracks of all time, the album it was taken from sold poorly. And Adam thinks it’s his fault.

Speaking to Q Magazine, the singer said: “That was a disappointment. I blame, partially, myself because my ego was getting in the way. I wanted to be at the helm of every aspect of every tiny thing. It got to the point where there was a really good reality check.”

And just to add to the pity party, he believes his Nirvana loving younger self would not have approved of the band’s pop sound, admitting: “I probably would have hated me.”

And we imagine he’d have told you to cheer up too, you Moaning Minnie.