The Wanted mistaken for 1D!

There are few things funnier that journalists mistaking one band for another. Especially when those bands are rivals. And one US reporter on the red carpet at last week’s VMAs thought she was talking to One Direction when it was actually The Wanted she had in front her. Oops.

Introducing the boys with the words, “Everyone is excited to see you guys. One Direction! One Direction!” set the hapless hack up for a fall, but Max George seized the opportunity to claim that he too was looking forward to seeing Harry Styles and the lads, joking: “They’re our number one.”

When asked what they thought made the VMAs different from other award ceremonies, Nathan deadpanned: “The fact that The Wanted are there. Their song Glad You Came is just amazing.”

“I’ve actually met them and they are really, really cool,” added Max, as Nathan claimed that The Wanted’s new single was “better than ours”.

And she never once realised her mistake, even after they’d gone. Someone’s probably told her now though. Cringe.


The Wanted are not attractive…

Spare a thought for the boys in The Wanted. It can’t be easy being so ugly and being unable to dance. Don’t shout at us, we’re just repeating what Max from the band thinks.

25-year-old Max has been playing down reports that suggested The Wanted were smarting from rivals One Direction doing rather better in the US, telling Australian reporters:

“We’re not the most attractive bunch that has ever been in the pop world. We don’t dance. But we can all play instruments, which is what is good about us. We don’t want to be the stereotypical boy band. We don’t want to be cheesy. I’d say we are sort of a mix between a boy band and a band – a hybrid.”

Hmm. Isn’t that the same as saying he thinks One Direction are a cheesy, stereotypical boy band?

Oh no, looks like the war’s back on again. Run for cover!

Wanted work with LMFAO and Dappy

Are you looking forward to the new album by The Wanted? Are you hoping it features unlikely collaborations between the second most popular boy band in the world and urban rude boys LMFAO and Dappy? Then you’re in luck.

The fellas are currently at work on the follow-up to last year’s The Battleground, and band member Siva has been telling the BBC what to expect:

“We have been working with Rita Ora, Dappy and LMFAO,” Siva revealed. “We have been doing loads of tracks but, on the other side of that, if the track is good enough it will go on the album, not because of the collaboration, but because we are stubborn.

“It’s going to be another one of those mixed bags, anthemic, some slow songs, but I think something for everyone again”.

Well, everyone who likes The Wanted, Rita Ora, Dappy and LMFAO at least. We’re not sure Radiohead fans will be catered for.