One Direction star in swear storm!

He might look as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but cherub-faced One Direction star Niall Horan has been forced to apologise after using the type of language that would make Plan B blush.

Niall’s potty-mouthed outburst was caught on video by a fan and then uploaded to YouTube for the world to see and be suitably shocked by.

The film shows the 18-year-old Irish heartthrob jokingly refer to a group of fans, waiting to meet him at an airport, as “a shower of (bleeps)”. The actual word is far too rude for us to repeat.

Now a shamefaced Niall has taken to Twitter to apologise, saying: “Really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates. But I understand that it’s not a word I should be using at all.”

Think nothing of it Niall, mate. You (bleeping) great (bleep) of a (bleeper).


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