Little Mix like Beyonce comparison…

Who do Little Mix remind you of? A mini-version of All Saints? One Direction in dresses? Or is it Beyonce and Christina Aguilera? Because apparently people have been comparing the X Factor winners’ new single Wings to those two soul divas.

And the girls are quite happy with the comparison, according to music website Pop Prince (no, we’ve not heard of it either). Perrie told them:

It’s just amazing to be compared to those amazing divas, so yeah it’s really nice.”

Amazing indeed. Meanwhile Jesy expressed some nerves about the public reaction, telling the interviewer:

We hope that we surprise people with our music, as when you’re on X Factor you have to perform so many covers and when you come out of the show you have to find yourself as an artist.”

That’ll be where Matt Cardle went wrong, then. He didn’t find himself.


50 Cent says Tulisa is no wannabe!

People have been quite hard on Tulisa of late, so it’s nice to see someone sticking up for her for a change. We just didn’t expect it to be rap superstar 50 Cent.

Fiddy has been following the former N-Dubz singer’s trials and tribulations very closely, it seems, and told reporters:

“I’m going to be over in the UK later on again in the year and I would love to meet Tulisa for dinner. She had it tough and she has also been through some (bleep) recently as well. I love how she has handled that by flipping the bird to that guy who sold her out.

“I’ve been watching and reading about Tulisa since she got the role on the UK X Factor and my girl is no wannabe. She is real, she is talented, and the sort of person I want to be creating music.”

All together now: Curtis fancies Tulisa, Curtis fancies Tulisa… etc.

Cher Lloyd breaks America!

They said it couldn’t be done. But Cher Lloyd, the outspoken runner-up from series seven of The X Factor, is a hit in the USA.

Despite the fact that American audiences never saw her performances on Simon Cowell’s show (or maybe because of it), our cousins across the pond have been charmed by Cher, and her debut US single Want U Back is rapidly climbing the charts.

“I’m so excited by everything that is going on!” shrieked Cher. “I’ve been touring US radio stations for quite a while now, and it’s been fantastic to get out and see so much of America. There’s still lots of hard work to do though!”

Not too much work though, as she’s already climbed to number 27 in the Billboard Hot 100 and is number seven in the download chart.

A word of advice for our overseas friends: whatever you do, don’t jagger her swagger. She absolutely hates that.

Adele apparently getting married…

We imagine it’s difficult keeping track of all the Adele news, ever since she announced her reproductive organs had begun work on a small person. So, as a favour, here are the latest scoops in one handy package.

Rumour has it, the Someone Like You singer is planning to get married before she gives birth. A source told Look magazine (they in no way just made this up, you understand): “They’d love a seaside wedding on the beach in Sussex.”

And who wouldn’t? They’re going to have to be quick as the other big story suggests the infant Adkins is due in just two months time. A source (we’re not sure if it’s the same one) told Heat: “Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible.”

Because before this she was always out and about, wasn’t she? Erm…

But we have an exclusive for you. A source told us that Adele is expecting either a boy or a girl. Or possibly both if it’s twins. You read it here first.

Bono goes Gaga at party!

We always imagined Bono would be an embarrassing dad, but now we have it confirmed. The U2 frontman has recorded himself singing Lady Gaga’s Telephone as a “present” for his daughter.

The gruesome gift was recorded by the Pope-bothering megastar and his wife, in celebration of their daughter Eve’s 21st birthday. We imagine she’d have preferred a car. Or even Top Shop vouchers.

To make matters worse, the cringey cover version was played in public, at a Las Vegas party attended by guests including music industry bigwig Jimmy Iovine, Transformers director Michael Bay and basketball star Kobe Bryant. Wait a second, are these her friends or his?

In addition to doing their best Beyonce and Gaga impression, Mr and Mrs Bono sent two magnums of Dom Perignon champagne to their daughter’s table.

Well, we’d certainly need a drink after hearing that.