Gary Barlow not over Jubilee yet…

With all the excitement of the Olympics, most of us have forgotten about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. But not Gary Barlow who claims he’s not stoppedl celebrating it.

Of course, Gazza has a reason to be still waving his union jack – he organised the pop concert. And the Take That star has told GQ magazine it was the highlight of his year.

“It’s got to be the jubilee. Really it has,” Gary enthused. “You look down and there’s Prince Charles. The crowd was all down The Mall – as far as you could see, people’s heads. Now I just sit and think, ‘That’s probably as good as its gonna get.’ I’m still celebrating.”

But despite being given an OBE for his efforts, Gary insists he’s still got a lot more to achieve, saying:

“I never want to get to the point where I think, ‘I’ve done it all now and I’ve been awarded – I’m done, good night.”

Or should that be ‘good Knight’? The words “arise Sir Barlow” can’t be far off…


Macca plays secret gig after award!

Sir Paul McCartney had a very busy Saturday. The former Beatle managed to zip over to France to be given a medal, then hotfoot it back to London to appear on stage with Damon Albarn.

The first part of Macca’s exciting day out saw him awarded the French Legion of Honour, for services to music, by President Francois Hollande.

Later in the evening, McCartney surprised the audience at Damon Albarn’s Africa Express concert in London’s Kings Cross, by joining the African and British musicians in several extended jams, alongside Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, before performing his own Goodnight Tonight.

Amusingly, during the final song of the night, the power to the P.A. was switched off in a scene similar to when he appeared with Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park. Is that Sir Paul’s thing now?