Gary Barlow not over Jubilee yet…

With all the excitement of the Olympics, most of us have forgotten about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. But not Gary Barlow who claims he’s not stoppedl celebrating it.

Of course, Gazza has a reason to be still waving his union jack – he organised the pop concert. And the Take That star has told GQ magazine it was the highlight of his year.

“It’s got to be the jubilee. Really it has,” Gary enthused. “You look down and there’s Prince Charles. The crowd was all down The Mall – as far as you could see, people’s heads. Now I just sit and think, ‘That’s probably as good as its gonna get.’ I’m still celebrating.”

But despite being given an OBE for his efforts, Gary insists he’s still got a lot more to achieve, saying:

“I never want to get to the point where I think, ‘I’ve done it all now and I’ve been awarded – I’m done, good night.”

Or should that be ‘good Knight’? The words “arise Sir Barlow” can’t be far off…


Robbie quits Olympic ceremony!

If you were hoping to be waving your phone in the air as you sang along to Angels, at the Olympic closing ceremony, then forget about it. Robbie Williams won’t be there, despite being booked for a solo spot.

Rob was due to perform David Bowie’s Life On Mars and a few of his own hits at the spectacular bash, which takes place in the Olympic stadium on August 12th. But the singer has pulled out because that’s when his missus will be pushing, as it’s too close to the due date for their first child.

Now we’re pretty sure a star of Mr Williams stature could afford to have a helicopter on standby to swoop down and whisk him off the stage should his wife Ayda Field’s contractions start. And also, has he not watched One Born Every Minute? These things take hours, sometimes days; plenty of time to finish the song and get to the hospital for brow mopping (and being angrily sworn at) duties.

But an official statement from Rob’s people states: “He was asked to do the closing ceremony but due to the imminent birth of his baby, he couldn’t take part.”

So that only leaves the rest of Take That, The Who, George Michael and Sir Paul McCartney to keep everyone entertained. Rubbish.