Gary Barlow not over Jubilee yet…

With all the excitement of the Olympics, most of us have forgotten about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. But not Gary Barlow who claims he’s not stoppedl celebrating it.

Of course, Gazza has a reason to be still waving his union jack – he organised the pop concert. And the Take That star has told GQ magazine it was the highlight of his year.

“It’s got to be the jubilee. Really it has,” Gary enthused. “You look down and there’s Prince Charles. The crowd was all down The Mall – as far as you could see, people’s heads. Now I just sit and think, ‘That’s probably as good as its gonna get.’ I’m still celebrating.”

But despite being given an OBE for his efforts, Gary insists he’s still got a lot more to achieve, saying:

“I never want to get to the point where I think, ‘I’ve done it all now and I’ve been awarded – I’m done, good night.”

Or should that be ‘good Knight’? The words “arise Sir Barlow” can’t be far off…


George Michael blows Olympic secret!

It’s not like it was the best kept secret in the world, but George Michael has let the cat out of the bag and revealed he will be singing at the Olympic closing ceremony (even though he wasn’t supposed to mention it).

The singer, who shockingly nearly died from pneumonia just last year, ended speculation when he spoke on Twitter of his Games-based stage fright, saying:

“Hey everyone, how are you. Spending most of the next week rehearsing like crazy for the Olympic closing ceremony. Obviously a bit nervous not having played for nearly a year, but rehearsals sounding great so far!”

When one follower pointed out that this was supposed to be a secret, George replied:

“Oh, and, secret? It’s been all over the press for weeks, and I think you all needed to be put out of your misery!”

But what songs has he been rehearsing? We’re still crossing our fingers for I’m Your Man and Fast Love.

Olympics closing artists leaked!

We’re going to say from the start that this may turn out to have been a hoax, but the Daily Mail have reportedly got hold of the list of songs and performers who’ll be taking part in the Olympic closing ceremony. And it’s, erm, interesting to say the least.

Alongside the already announced names such as Take That and The Who, the list claims that Jessie J will sing her song Price Tag, George Michael will make a rare public appearance and Russell Brand will sing cover versions of I Am The Walrus by The Beatles and Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols, assisted by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

Annie Lennox, Madness and the Pet Shop Boys are also set to appear, playing their hits while lollipop ladies strip to reveal Union Jack swimming costumes.

Wait, what? Is this the Olympic closing ceremony or Comic Relief?