Kasabian to work with Kazabian…

It used to be that only groups who weren’t around anymore got tribute acts, like ABBA or The Beatles. But now it seems no group is safe from having a bunch of herberts imitating their every move. But Kasabian have chosen to embrace their clones.

The Shoot The Runner rockers have told the NME that they’re so impressed with tribute band Kazabian that they’re planning to collaborate.

“I’ve been keeping tabs on them for ages,” admitted singer Tom Meighan. “They’re (bleeping) frightening, they’re so good.

“I went on the website to check them out. I was like, ‘Oh my god – they’d mimicked everything perfectly.’ It might happen that we’ll put them on instead of us one day.

“The best thing is, if I change my haircut, he’s got to change his, he’s got to keep up. I think he’s a lot shorter than me, their guy, but the characteristics are bang on and their Serge is frighteningly good.”

Hmm. How do we know we’ve not been watching the fake Kasabian all along?


Macca plays secret gig after award!

Sir Paul McCartney had a very busy Saturday. The former Beatle managed to zip over to France to be given a medal, then hotfoot it back to London to appear on stage with Damon Albarn.

The first part of Macca’s exciting day out saw him awarded the French Legion of Honour, for services to music, by President Francois Hollande.

Later in the evening, McCartney surprised the audience at Damon Albarn’s Africa Express concert in London’s Kings Cross, by joining the African and British musicians in several extended jams, alongside Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, before performing his own Goodnight Tonight.

Amusingly, during the final song of the night, the power to the P.A. was switched off in a scene similar to when he appeared with Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park. Is that Sir Paul’s thing now?