Gaga makes room for a child!

Wait, did you think we meant…? Sorry, no. Lady Gaga is not pregnant with her first little monster. The Poker Face singer is apparently having a room in her house specially built for Elton John’s son Zachary to stay in.

According to reports, Gaga is giving the surrogate child of Elton and David Furnish his own nursery, bathroom and playroom overlooking the sea in Crete. We hope he appreciates it.

Gaga is godmother to Zachary and has spoken previously of giving him a bath, telling the press:

“Zachary’s so beautiful. I could not see a happier family than I see in them. I gave him a bath the other day. We have this sweet little boat for pouring water to rinse soap off Zachary, and as I’m pouring, Elton is singing Tiny Dancer and I’m thinking, ‘This kid has no clue that his father is such a legend’.”

Or that his godmother wears meat. He’s in for a lot of surprises.


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