Amelia Lily denies 1D fling!

Isn’t it strange when someone appears in the press to deny something that most of us had no memory of ever happening in the first place? In not entirely unrelated news, Amelia Lily has denied having romantic liaisons with any member of One Direction.

According to the X Factor star, who is about to release her first single You Bring Me Joy, she romanced neither Harry Styles nor Niall Horan (honestly, this is the first we’re hearing about it) during her time on the show, and told MTV:

“I’ve had no kind of a relationship or dating thing with them and I don’t know how people are getting these stories. For starters, I don’t even really know the One Direction lads, I’ve only met them a couple of times.”

She’s only met them a couple of times? But that’s how many times we’ve met them!

Ahem… we would like to make it quite clear that we have also had no kind of relationship with them. So stop saying we have!


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