Justin Bieber a veteran at 18!

They grow up fast these days. Why it seems like only yesterday that
Justin Bieber was a fresh-faced teen pop sensation. But according to his
manager, he’s already a veteran performer.

Scooter Braun (we
still find that name funny) spoke to MTV about Bieber’s upcoming tour,
and made this extraordinary claim:

“It’s just really exciting.
Nothing makes him happier than being onstage. So it’s gonna be fun to get
back onto the road. I think he was an amazing performer before, but his
level of dance and musicianship and his range…. He’s a veteran now. I
think he wants to take it to a completely new level.”

That made
him sound like he’s ready to retire. Scooter also gave a few hints as to
what fans can expect from the concerts, saying:

“He has been talking to me about how Michael Jackson incorporated magic
and pyro, and he wants to bring in that.”

Sounds great: a couple
of Catherine wheels, some sparklers and a lady sawn in half. Top night.


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