Pitbull plays joke gig in Alaska!

This is a sweet if not utterly bizarre story. Mouthy rapper Pitbull has performed a show in a remote branch of Walmart, after a competition was hijacked by a mischievous prankster.

The enormous American shop chain had launched a contest for Pitbull’s fans to vote for which of their stores they’d like to see him perform at. The remote location of Kodiak in Alaska received 71,000 votes, despite only having a population of 6130, thanks to a joke Facebook campaign which attempted to exile the bald MC.

But the game fella played the gig anyway, and was presented with the key to the city and a bear repellent kit (yes, really!) as a thank-you!

But in an act of revenge, Pitbull insisted the instigator of the voting prank, a writer named David Thorpe, also attend the show on the island.

This gives us an idea though. Where can we send Dappy?


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