Muse to be made mayors?!

Is it just us or has everything in the Muse camp gone really strange of late? Following their stint as Olympic torch bearers, the band has been offered a job in local government. Is this what rock ‘n’ roll is all about now?

The leader of Teignbridge District Council, Jeremy Christophers, announced the unlikely job offer in a video message following the torch ceremony, saying: “We had Muse here today. They’re the biggest rock band on the planet. I’ve invited Matt Bellamy and the
band to come in and run the council for the day.”

There’s been no word as to whether the boys will accept this challenge, however Matt Bellamy has promised to return to the Devonshire town at some point, saying: “We’d like to play down here as much as we can. I bet you, 10 years to the day, we’ll be back here.”

Ten years? Those allotment proposals aren’t going to approve themselves


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