Olly Murs stumbles off the stage!

We shouldn’t laugh, but we will. Cheeky, hat-wearing X Factor runner-up Olly Murs took a spectacular tumble at the weekend, while performing at Guilfest.

The singer and TV presenter was performing his version of Stevie Wonder’s 1970 hit Signed, Sealed, Delivered at the music festival, when he slipped on some stairs and toppled face first onto the floor with a sickening thud.

However, Murs reassured fans by yelling “I’m alright”, before finding his place in the song without missing a beat.

Later that day, Olly tweeted: “Oooh jeez! Proper stacked it tonight on stage haha”.

Then later posted a link to a fan shot video of his pratfall, saying: “I have to post this… Had me in stitches!! I’m expecting HUGE caining from this… Haha”

It’s spelt “caning”, but we’re glad he can see the funny side of falling over. We can’t stop watching.


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