Will.i.am thinks Queen is his nan!

Only last week, will.i.am was telling us how the late Whitney Houston reminded him of his mum. Now Cheryl Cole’s manager reckons The Queen is like his nan!

Speaking to The Guardian, the Black Eyed Peas mastermind said:

“The Queen… she reminds me of my grandma: elegant, classy and the way she wore her hat … even her clothes are like my grandma’s clothes! When Prince Charles called her Mummy or Mumsy I was like: ‘Wow!’ It’s amazing because they’re just regular people. They’re in the public eye but they manage to live straight.”

This is our royal family he’s talking about, right?

He also attempted to explain the complexity of his own sleep patterns, babbling:

“One time I had a dream and in my dream I went to sleep and had a dream, woke up and told everyone my dream, then said, ‘Wait a minute, I’m still asleep,’ so I had to wake up again. I have dreams like that.”

Someone should introduce him to Jedward. They’d get on well.


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