Stereophonics release two new LPs…

When we first heard this news it seemed like Welsh rockers Stereophonics had decided that, because they’d been away so long, one album wasn’t enough and they’d reward patient fans with twice as many songs. But… now we’re not so sure.

Kelly and the boys have recorded two albums worth of material. And they are going to be releasing two albums, but not at once. It’s a bit confusing.

Here’s what Mr. Jones has to say:

“Last year was the first time in 14 years that we didn’t tour, and it’s meant the new records don’t sound like anything we’ve done before. We’ve had time to just go into our own studio and mess about, and it’s resulted in a bigger sounding style, very grand and filmic.”

And while the first Stereophonics album since 2009’s Keep Calm And Carry On will be released in October, the next one won’t be out until 18 months later.

We know what you’re thinking. That’s the same amount of time most bands wait between albums. Someone should tell them.


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