Gotye insists he is not dead!

We can officially confirm that, despite reports to the contrary, the Somebody That I Used To Know hitmaker Gotye is alive.

Unfortunately for the Aussie singer songwriter, and his fans, a rumour spread on that pesky Internet suggesting the man born Wouter De Backer (amazing name) had taken his own life.

Celebrity death rumours are ten a penny (it was Phil Collins last week) but this one was taken so seriously it was announced on the website of prestigious American news network CNN. Yikes.

But just in case anyone is still in any doubt, Gotye himself took to Twitter to write: “I’m not dead”, amusingly hashtagging the tweet with “Pinkalbumtitles” in reference to the singer’s 2006 LP.

Meanwhile, band mate Tim Shiel got on to Twitter too with an equally ridiculous claim, joking: ”It saddens me to confirm the news of Gotye’s passing – he suffered cardiac arrest while flying a unicorn over a double rainbow.”

So there you have it. Gotye is not dead. And if anyone should know, it’s him. And the unicorn.


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