Gaga debuts shocking princess song!

Lady Gaga has finally given fans a taste of her next album, by performing new song Princess Die at a concert in Melbourne.

Would you like a moment to let that title sink in? Princess Die. Oh. And is it a coincidence that it’s a Candle In the Wind-style piano ballad? Possibly not.

Gaga told the Aussie audience that the song was about her “most deep and personal thoughts” and was “in no way reflective of the rest of the music on the album”, the title of which is set to be revealed in September. That’s ages away!

The song, which begins with the line: “Leave the coffin open when I go”, also includes the curious lyric: “I’ll do it in the swimming pool so everyone sees.”

Do what? Butterfly stroke? Font crawl? Cannonball? Your monsters need to know.


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