Plan B broke the bank!

House prices, eh? What are they like? Not even millionaire rappers-turned-soul-singers-turned-rappers again can afford to buy them. Well that’s if Plan B is to be believed.

Even though his The Defamation Of Strickland Banks album was the 5th biggest seller of 2010, he’s struggling to buy a property that wouldn’t double as a set from his gritty crime movie, Ill Manors.

“When I first started renting,” Ben told reporters, “this guy from Foxtons was walking me around these flats in Hackney going, ‘This is a really great two-bedroom place in a brilliant location’. I was like, ‘Are you being serious? This is an ex-council flat, mate – the people next door aren’t even paying rent.”

But there’s a good reason the rapper-singer isn’t too flush. He revealed that he’d settled his mother’s mortgage payments, saying: “I wanted to make sure that my mum didn’t need to worry about her home anymore.”

Bless him. He’s like a sweary angel.


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