Wretch 32 declares love for Cheryl!

We don’t like to gossip (we so do) but it looks like romance might be blossoming between the artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole and grime MC Wretch 32.

Wretch – real name Jermaine Scott – was spotted having a cosy dinner with the Girls Aloud star on Monday, at London’s Le Caprice restaurant. But far from keeping their date secret, Cheryl took to Twitter to tell fans:

“FYI Wretch 32 is one of the nicest people I have met. Cute.”

Of course, they could just have been discussing business, as the Don’t Go rapper has worked with Cheryl on a new track called Screw You (we think it must be about light bulbs).

Talking to MTV, Wretch said:

“Cheryl Cole is a superstar, a legend, so I’m definitely really happy to be involved in the project. She’s a cool girl.”

All very interesting Mr. 32, but have you kissed yet? That’s all we really want to know.


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