Coldplay lose 400 grand every night!

If you thought the world’s biggest bands were raking in the cash with their world tours, think again. Coldplay are losing a whopping four hundred thousand pounds with every gig, thanks to the digital wristbands they give to every fan.

The wristbands, which light up when a wireless signal is sent, were originally designed to be returned after each performance. But due to a problem with insurance should anyone catch a disease from a previously worn band (yuck), Chris Martin and co have had to let the audience keep them. And they don’t come cheap.

Coldplay’s guitarist Jonny Buckland told reporters:

“Every night, I think it’s about 400,000 pounds. It looks amazing. It just makes everyone have a great time – most of all us. Even if you don’t like our music, I would say come to the show just to see that. Wear earplugs, bring a book and when the lights come on, have a look!”

Two words boys: glow sticks. Much cheaper.


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